What is Storm? We, of course are a Drum and Bugle Corps (or should I say more correctly… Visually Enhanced Percussion and Brass Corps). However you choose to define it, Storm’s philosophy is built on years of drum corps tradition…. The principles of this tradition are as follows:

Corps represents family, trust, responsibility, and excellence. The Corps represents all the organizations who aspire to the qualities described above. The key mark of The Corps is family. When one of the family is hurt, the entire family is hurt. While the family engages in intense competition on the field, the real competition takes place in the hearts and minds of each member, staff, volunteer, manager. The challenge is to be the best that we can be at this moment, and that the bar is raised the next moment to exceed that best previously achieved. The most intense competition does not occur on the contest field, it occurs within the members who perform. If the goal of an organization is solely to obtain first place, once that goal is achieved, it is often hard to focus… but if the goal is excellence, then the quest continues regardless of first or last place finish.

Accepting these basic principles, Storm Resolves to:

  • Support all faces of the activity in the community and never demean the other expressions of artistic endeavors as provided by local schools and communities. We only seek to enhance those experiences and     to work cooperative to inspire a sense of passion in our charges.
  • To compete, not on the field, but in the rehearsal halls… to expect nothing else other than excellence from ourselves and each other.
  • To be as inclusive as possible and to seek not to exclude other seekers of excellence.
  • To present ourselves as representatives of the community, not only when people are watching, but also when we are alone with only ourselves to see.
  • Not to bicker or complain… rather always view any decision that needs to be made with the following mantra… “In whose interest?” If the answer to that query is anything other than corps, then the center of the problem has been revealed.
  • To leave all drama in the outside world and come into the brotherhood and sisterhood of corps as supportive, understanding, at times forgiving, and patient striving together for excellence.

To quote George Hopkins from the Cadets “ I never want to see members of this corps cry because they took 2nd place”

It is excellence that is the standard for Storm… not something as shallow or temporary as a contest placement. If a pint bottle holds a pint, it is doing the best that it can do… no matter how much it wants to hold a quart it cannot. But,,, if the pint is patient and resolved in its quest for excellence… it will soon to grow to be a gallon, exceeding its only vision for itself.