Official News Letter of Indiana Storm Productions.



The following music has been decided for Storm, which will make it's debut as a SoundSport Team.  THE STORM OF WAR which will included Holst's MARS (The bringer of War), an original piece titled Catastrophic (The Chaos of War), Respighi's Pines of the Appian Way (The return of the armies ...  Triumph after Trial.... Unbroken!)

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Mars The Bringer of War Mp3             Pines of the Appian Way Mp3


Storm Drum Corps

Storm Drum Corps will begin rehearsals in November of 2018 and hopes to field an Open Class drum and bugle corps in the summer of 2020.  The corps is open to individuals aged 15 - 21 years of age.  The corps will be fielding with brand new equipment and has opening for 12 trumpets, 5 mellophones, 12 Baritones, 4 Tubas.  If more tuba players present themselves, the corps will endeavor to obtain up to 2 more horns.  All the horns are in standard band keys, Bb and F mellophones.  The percussion line will field 5 snare, 6 tenors, 5 Bass.  The Pit will depend on member availability as well and equipment.  The first year of the corps will run an out and back schedule with plans to participate in Sound Sport contests, but numerous parades and concerts in the Wabash area.  While it is anticipated that membership will come primarily from the local area, the corps will be recruiting in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky.  The rehearsal schedule will be every other weekends each month.  Individuals who submit an application with their $36 application fee .  Tentatively, dues are expected to $400 and the camps will cost $30. Monthly fundraisers will provide members the ability to pay half of their dues amount.  Interested parties should send an application (no cash at this time, you will be sent a notice) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Individuals who raise a profit in fundraising of $100 a month will be considered paid in full for that month.


A Blast from the Past

A Blast from the Past from the Broadway Show Blast. As we strive to create a drum corps show, the major point is not so much how loudly you play or how many notes you play... the essence are not props or costumes, What make a performance memorable is the creation of a moment,or in the case of champions, at least 3 distinct moments. The following performance does just that.. it creates and holds it's audience in that moment... something that Storm Staff and corps will strive to do. Excellence though the suspending time and space in a moment: I present such a moment created by BLAST,



 Sponsorship's and service projects will be made available to earn dues for individuals in need.


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